It’s that time!

Back-to-School is upon us and we’re all so busy shopping for our children.  But what about YOU? How can YOU, the parent, stay organized? Start the year off on the right foot with these 5 TIPS that will keep YOU organized and stress free all year round!


5 Tips for an Organized and Stress-Free School Year

1. Set up a Launching Pad. This is a designated place in the house where your child’s stuff that goes back and forth to school everyday is kept. This takes the stress of “I can’t find my notebook” or packing up for the day out of the equation!


2. Create a School Stuff Storage Station.
 Gather all supplies each child will need for homework throughout the year. Fill a clear and portable box. Label with their name and a list of what’s inside. Make one for each child. Different ages need different supplies!


3. Hang analog clocks. Hang clocks in each room of the house that your child spends time in — especially the bathroom – so they can see the passing of time. Analogs let your child SEE time so they can learn to MANAGE it.


4. Organize with clipboards.  Clipboards are a terrific way to keep track of your child’s homework progress, post chores and responsibility charts or even morning routines.  Extra bonus? When the work is complete they get a check mark.  Hang them on the wall in a well-trafficked area for visual support!


5. Prepare YOUR binder.  Load your binder with class schedules, practices, rehearsals, invitations, etc. and you will never be without. Binders take the remembering out of remembering. So if you are running from an appointment to soccer practice to your child’s school for a meeting, you don’t need to think ahead as to what you may need. You can just grab the binder and go. Bonus? Now everyone has access to the same information!

What organization strategy helps you with school-time stresses?