The Insider’s Guide to ADHD

Happy book release day to me! It’s here! Book #3: The book that finally reveals the secret to parenting a child with ADHD. This secret is both simple and profound, but sure to change your child’s life, and yours in return as well. All it requires of you is a lot of empathy and understanding.


How did I discover such a secret?

I have wanted to know what it’s like to be my son, to live with ADHD, ever since his diagnosis in November 2008. I wanted to know so that I was appropriately equipped to truly help him. To understand his world.

I read about ADHD a LOT. I conversed with other parents on a similar journey a LOT. We sought the advice and assistance of professionals a LOT. And, yet, I still didn’t feel like I really understood my son’s perspective, no matter how much effort I put into it.

I’ve been moderating ADDitude Magazine’s online ADHD forum for a couple years now. One day about a year or so ago, a mom of a child with ADHD posted a question on the ADHD Adults board that went something like this: “Can you tell me what my daughter needs from me to do well despite her ADHD?” The lightbulb sparked instantly. Of course, I thought, what better way to know what kids with ADHD need than to ask the adults who had similar struggles in childhood — adults with ADHD?

And so, The Insider’s Guide to ADHD was born. I created an online, anonymous survey with all the questions I wanted to know about successfully raising my son, in light of his ADHD. Questions like: What was the best thing your parents did for you related to your ADHD? How motivating was punishment? How motivating was praise? And lots more…

The Insider's Guide to ADHD

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Surprisingly, when I sat down and started analyzing the data from the 95 adults who completed my survey, they all had the same common threads and all lead to one universal truth about parenting kids with ADHD. This secret is something I never really came across in all the books and articles I’d read on ADHD. No doctor diagnoses a child with ADHD and gives this advice. I cannot express how much I wish that were different — how much I wish someone had pointed out this aspect of parenting ADHD to me years ago.


Get on the best path.

Reorient your compass with this book, and change your child’s life for the better, and your entire family’s.