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Asheville writer releases book to support parents of children with ADHD

Boy Without Instructions: Surviving the Learning Curve of Raising a Child with ADHD, by Penny Williams

Asheville, NC, May 2014 — Most books on ADHD don’t dare expose the genuine grit of the moment-by-moment peaks and valleys of that special parenthood — the gut-wrenching, crying on the bathroom floor, feeling like you’re losing your mind truth of the matter that is learning to successfully parent a child with ADHD. Award-winning blogger, Penny Williams’ first book, Boy Without Instructions: Surviving the Learning Curve of Parenting a Child with ADHD, changes that.

“I endured a long and arduous learning curve when my son was diagnosed with ADHD in 2008,” says Williams. “I share my experiences by writing about parenting my son, Ricochet, to hopefully shorten that painful time of trial-by-fire for others.”

Williams shares her unfiltered thoughts and emotions during her progression through this learning curve during the harrowing ride that is Boy Without Instructions. Right before your eyes, this initially grief-stricken momma transforms from obsessed-with-ADHD control-freak and helicopter mom to optimistic and (mostly) confident parent of a child who happens to have ADHD. Boy Without Instructions validates a parent’s grief and guilt, yet reveals that it’s truly possible to craft a (mostly) joy-filled life for a child with ADHD, and their family.

“Williams’ book vividly brings to life the daily difficulties and successes of getting a correct ADHD diagnosis, medication trial and error, enlisting help at school, maintaining a calm family home, and more,” says Susan Caughman, Editor-in-Chief of ADDitude Magazine, the top resource for living well with ADHD. She advises parents, “Read this well-written, empathetic book right away, feel less alone, and take away not only moral support but also valuable strategies for helping your child, yourself, and your family.”

Boy Without Instructions reached #1 in the parenting hyperactive children category on within the first week of pre-release sales. “I am stunned by the number of notes I’ve already received from readers stating that they felt I wrote the book about them,” Williams adds. “While each child with ADHD has a unique constellation of challenges, the emotional upheaval of raising a child with ADHD seems to transcend those differences and resonate with everyone traveling this special parenthood trajectory.”

Penny Williams is an Asheville, NC real estate broker and lives with her husband and two kids in Arden. She’s the founder of the award-winning website, {a mom’s view of ADHD}, and a frequent contributor to ADDitude Magazine and other parenting and special needs publications, including WNC Parent. As well, Williams has published essays in three anthologies: Easy to Love but Hard to Raise, Sensational Journeys, and Trust Your Intuition. She is currently working on her second book, a survival guide for parents learning to raise children with ADHD that will be available in the next nine months. Williams currently blogs at

ISBN (paperback) 978-0-9916178-0-7
ISBN (eBook) 978-0-9916178-1-4

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